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Every Friday at 3pm (UTC+01:00) we will be delivering new articles and interviews with some of the most engaging human rights advocates and leaders from all over the world. STAY TUNED! 


The next interview: Evdokia Romanova (Russia)

The Global Human Rights Forums 18-20 May 2017 Belgrade, Serbia © 2017 ph: vladimir opsenica


The latest interview: Sara Fusco (Italy)

” “Red shoes” mean all the options, dreams, projects, hopes of all the victims of violence. “Red shoes” are not just a sign of a “spot taken” but also everything beyond a physic present in the world. “Red shoes” symbolize everything that could have been, but didn’t have the chance to.”  READ MORE

Sara Fusco speaking at the 2nd Global Human Rights Forum © 2017 ph: vladimir opsenica

Interview: Sasha Keiner (Russia)

“It’s almost not possible to live openly if you are transgender. It’s not possible to come out at university, work, and job. It’s not easy to change your passport without going to court. There are lots of problems with medical treatment.”    READ MORE