The Global Human Rights Forums

The Global Human Rights Forums



The Global Human Rights Forums is a series of transformative conferences designed to enhance the process of raising awareness of the burning issues from the human rights domain. Over the course of three days, which is the standard duration of each of the forums, all participants will have the opportunity to listen to some of the most engaging human rights advocates, entrepreneurs and leaders meet to share their stories and discover ways to promote freedom and set free the pure human potential across the world.

The organizing team started this project believing that all people have the fundamental right to participate, enjoy and develop in a safe and inclusive environment. Despite the fact that advancements have been achieved in all aspects of protecting basic human rights, a number of challenges continue to undermine the sound development and protection of people on their pathway to universal global human rights.

The Forums will establish an influential brand with a potential of being a catalyst of future change. The conferences are designed to enable efficient networking platform for people of different backgrounds and beliefs. One of the special objectives of the conferences is to bring certain topics to the attention of the global plenum.

Our theme this year is “Deconstructing Patterns of Privilege.” Just like the theme suggests, through the panels, the conference will be deconstructing and addressing the challenges of privilege, explaining the difficulties that people face working on eradication of sexist, heterosexist, racist and other kinds of privileges and oppression, We stand shoulder to shoulder with activists throughout the world to make a lasting human rights impact.

For the first time in this format, The Global Human Rights Forum will be featuring completely new concept called The Living Library. The Living Library, a concept introduced by the European Commission, is an equalities tool that seeks to challenge prejudice and discrimination. Just like in a normal library, visitors can browse the catalog for the available titles, pick the Book they want to read and return it once they are done reading it.. The only difference is that in the Living Library, Books are people with real life experiences and struggles, and reading consists of a conversation. Participants will have enough time to borrow several books before the end of session.

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