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This very important topic was presented by Salem Ben Khaled from Tunisia. He said that there are some tools used by civil society to create a peaceful society, like non-formal education and creating new communities. 

Non-formal education includes conferences, seminars, trainings course and youth exchanges, and creating new communities is when youth activist are trying to spread peace and to make positive change in their society.

Ahlem Nasraoui took the road to make a great success in an international level. She is founder of Peace Lab, the first educational incubator in schools in the most affected regions by terrorist brainwash and lack of a proper education. Those regions are Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid, Sejnane and Medenine.

It’s important to integrate youth in the civil society, help children develop their skills and strengthen their personalities, and it is significant role of civil society in Tunisia to counter Terrorism, presenter said.

There are some successful projects like Label Zik dance festival, which is organized by the Voice of Rural Child Association and it promoted body expression culture and artistic dynamism in Medenine region, and the school carnival in Medenine. The city was decorated by artistic performances in dance, theatre and music of students’ creations.

After that presenter showed us three videos that illustrate how we can make a change by working together, promoting sports, and art.  The main message is “Do not judge people, be open minded.” And “ Don’t judge before you know.”

Asked about the reasons of terrorism activities, lecturer answered that the main reasons are bad educational system and family issues. “Parents impose religion to their children, but children need to choose by themselves”, said Salem, “That’s the way that extremism appears in religion”.

Jovana Marić