About Us

Association “Social Margin Center”
is a voluntary, non-party, non-governmental and non-profit association, established for an indefinite period to achieve the objectives in the field of human and citizen rights protection and the improvement of the position of marginalized social groups.




– improving the enjoyment of human rights
– professional research on violation of human rights
– organizing and realizing various educational, professional, promotional and other activities contributing to the improvement of the position of marginalized social groups
– curbing discrimination
– promoting healthy life styles



The Center is working on changing the social system of values in accordance with values such as tolerance, equality, solidarity, non-violence and similar. The organization is involved in the construction of a democratic, civil and responsible society in which human rights are respected, as well as the principle of equal opportunities for all.



Social Margin Center is aiming towards being a part of significant changes that will enable all marginalized individuals to freely exercise their rights and freedoms in both directions – from the margin to the center and from the center to the margin.