Media Literacy Program

The program aims to increase the capacity of the public to monitor and analyze media content, with special emphasis on the representation of minority groups. One of the most important segments of the program is a School of Media Literacy. The school is an innovative concept focused on all the basic strongholds of Media literacy, and is divided into four segments: Developing personal strategies and tools to achieve media literacy, strengthening theoretical knowledge in the field of mass media and new information technologies, critical analysis of mass culture and applied knowledge – creating the relevant media content. The curriculum is divided into two modules: Module of mass media and Module of mass culture.
Thus conceived, this is a program that allows individual development, comprehensive theoretical and academic knowledge as well as practical knowledge and specific tools for monitoring media content. The program is a blend of academic approach, practical skills and activism.
The best articles written by students of “Media Literacy program” are published in online magazine “Promaja”, specially designed to promote human rights and minority groups issues.




Photo: Sara Ristić

The Global Human Rights Forums

This is a series of transformative conferences designed to influence a shift of paradigm of human rights as something divided into slices by privileged individuals and groups. The conferences are designed to enable efficient networking platform for people of different backgrounds and beliefs. One of the special objectives of the conferences is to bring certain topics to the attention of the global plenum and to establish an influential brand with a potential of being a catalyst of future change.
This Forum is unique in its content because it offers a lot of opportunities to all of its participants. One of them is the possibility of applying with their own research and theoretical work and to become one of the panelists. In addition to the regular panels, conference participants will be delivered a unique experience to participate in the Living Library. 



Series of workshops with one main objective: the representation of female identity in a variety of marginalized groups, rethinking the domestic violence, and also physical, sexual and socio-economic violence.

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EXHIBITION: “Woman’s mirror – reflection of her reality”

Confinement of women is a historical fact, and it reflects in society through obstacles to the achievement of equality, development and peace. Exhibition represents the struggle for equality through the activist lens.


Selected Photographs  
The Exhibition Opening 


Workshops about violence prevention organised by “Social Margin Center” introduced the concept of violence to highschool students and pointed to the awareness regarding this social problem.

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EXHIBITION: “The feminists and the state”
This exhibition leads us through the critical reflection of today’s feminist activist struggle, presented through visual propaganda material on gender equality in a modern, popular and accessible manner.


The Exhibition Opening



Internet should be a place for the free expression of opinion and creativity. To know how to use it is shortcuts to ensure that our voice is being heard. Also, the internet is the most common source of entertainment for young people and such a reputation hids his dark side. Uncover that dark side is a call to cautiousness.
That’s why we launched a series of workshops titled “My voice is online,” which focus on the theme: hate speech on the Internet and cyber bulling.

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